lundi 21 mai 2007

Cannes! (and DVDs)

I know that it has been a while since I updated this blog. Well, I have some great news. Our film just premiered at the Short Film Corner of the Cannes Film Festival. Yeah!!!! I will be updating this blog with more info soon! I'll post pics from the festival, too.

About the DVDs. We had the DVD master ready to send off to be copied, when we noticed a BIG problem with the sound. I had to have my film friend here in France re-edit the sound for the film. Now the film sounds much better. The DVDs are on the way. (I have no idea how long it will take to go from France to Arizona to Houston to you.)

mardi 6 mars 2007


We have completed the early registration for the Austin Film Festival. BUT, we still have to wait until July (at the earliest) to hear anything.

Have a good week!

samedi 24 février 2007


We just wanted to let everyone know that we submitted The Pelican Box to the Cannes Film Festival in France!

dimanche 11 février 2007

Get Ready...

The Pelican Box is finished! You should be receiving your copy very soon! I will try to use this blog to keep you updated on what is happening with the film.

If you have changed your address, please let me know ASAP!

On a personal note, if it seems like I have dropped off the face of the earth, it's not true. I just left North America. We now live in France... It's a long story...

Let me know how you are doing!!!